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A House for the Helpers

Sustainable Long-term Ministry in Poland

When Grzegorz started renovating his home in Poland a couple months ago, he didn't know that a flood of Ukrainian refugees would soon be coming through his town as they fled the war with Russia. He couldn't have known that those renovations would sit unfinished for months while he and his family ministered to thousands, his family is staying in the same church that is temporarily housing so many Ukrainians.

Grzegorz's brother is the pastor of Hrubieszow Evangelical Church near the Ukrainian border; their church has completely adapted to minister to the day to day needs of Ukrainians by offering clothes, food, shelter, and a safe place to process their experiences. Reachglobal Crisis Response and ReachGlobal Europe are partnering with Hrubieszow Evangelical Church to respond to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of refugees. But if Grzegorz and his family are to be able to help with that response for the long-term, they are going to need stable housing of their own so that they can rest and recharge each night.

ReachGlobal hosted their first American volunteers in Poland, and the team from Valley Church in Iowa were serving Grzegorz's family. They helped move sand into the home to shore up the foundation so additional renovations can happen. Please pray for Grzegorz, his family, Hrubieszow Evangelical Church, and the ReachGlobal staff who are currently serving there. Pray for peace, for the ministry to the refugees, and for the spread of the Gospel in the midst of this crisis.

If you and your church wish to give to the on-going Ukrainian Refugee Response, you can give here. Our goal is to raise 3 million dollars to support a long-term response in partnership with churches and ministries in Ukraine and throughout Europe. If anyone in your church is interested in serving, they can contact We are looking for teams who can help with construction projects and volunteers to help with ESL ministry.

Grzegorz's home needed tons of sand moved in to shore up the foundations.
The house is secure and the family is one step closer to being home.

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