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An Update From Goma

A pastor in the Democratic Republic of Congo provides a plea for help amid ongoing crises.

"Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Greetings from people in tears. I am speaking on behalf of people in Goma..."

This is the beginning of a heartfelt plea from Pastor Ndiho Pascal in the Democratic Republic of Congo asking for prayers, support and trauma care counseling. This month alone, the fighting in the region has displaced more than 250,000 people. For more than 30 years, rebel military groups have terrorized Eastern DRC. In just the last two years, 1.6 million people have been forced to flee their homes, many of them ending up in displaced people camps.

A group of Congolese people scattered around a makeshift shelter.

There are camps with thousands of people in tents throughout the region, but with limited supplies, food and shelter, many are starving and vulnerable to disease and violence. Many families are choosing to stay in their homes and risk the bombs and gunfire in order to avoid the dire situations within the camps.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response has had ministry partners and church partners in the region for many years. Our local church partners in Goma are aiding in the distribution of what little there is to give, but many of the members of the church are also in need and under-equipped to handle the massive influx of people. In his message for help, Pastor Pascal continued:

“They (the people) have many difficulties and we (the churches) also have heartbreak to see ourselves not able to help these people who survived. They are hungry. They are traumatized. And we are not able to provide aid. We are only able to supply a meal twice a week with prayer and word of comfort, showing compassion.” 

He goes on to share that many of the families in the churches under his care have lost loved ones. One of his own friends lost his family when his home was bombed while he was away. Hearts are heavy, and hope seems hard to find. 

A group of Congolese people walk on a crowded street.

As Pastor Pascal shared, there are people ready and willing to help minister to those in need. We have means to get the resources to Goma through Pastor Pascal’s connections with churches throughout the area. ReachGlobal Crisis Response has initiated a response, working with our longtime partner churches in the DRC, and we've already sent startup funding to help get this response going as soon as possible. However, these funds are only a small start of helping to meet some of the needs these families are facing. 

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In closing, Pastor Pascal said:

“I am praying and hope to hear good news from you.” 

Would you join us in sharing the good news that there are indeed brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are praying and care for those that are hurting? Would you please pray for peace and pray for all of the people impacted by the fighting? Would you pray for God's provision and comfort for hurting people?

If you feel led to help and give towards the response in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you can give here.

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