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Crisis creates a mission field where we can share the love of Christ with those in need.

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Break Down Walls

“Each trip is different when God is working in you. These trips model what Christian community should look like and give us an example of how to bring that home. When you are in this atmosphere, it breaks down walls. The spiritual growth that we’ve watched people experience is just amazing.” -Paul and Lonie Nei

It’s always so encouraging for our staff to have teams return to our sites. Groups reuniting and having fun serving together is like a refreshing glass of water on a hot, Louisiana day. Constance Free Church has been sending teams consistently since Fall 2020, and they have committed to sending a team every four months to our Lake Charles response site. Each time the team comes there are repeat volunteers, some of whom have served five times in the year that the Lake Charles response has been open. But they also bring plenty of new people along too! Introducing a new group of friends to Crisis Response and sharing the love of Christ in the wake of a crisis has only expanded the impact within the community.

When the days are long or there’s an ache for a taste of home- our staff are so encouraged and energized by their home churches or returning teams. In Exodus, it talks about Aaron holding up Moses’ arms when he couldn’t do it on his own. There are many churches and teams that hold up the arms of our Crisis Response staff at all of our sites. They come alongside them, love on them, and show that they value the work God is doing through the ministry by returning time and time again. God is working in and through our volunteer teams to bring help, hope, and healing to people that are hurting in the wake of a crisis. We’ve seen that impact in the communities where our sites are, but we’re also seeing that impact when volunteers take it home to their own communities.

If you’d like to send a team to one of our sites and share the love of Christ in the mission field that follows a crisis, please contact:

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