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Loving Real People

In Paradise, California our staff and teams are working with Roger and Brenda Greene, who attended Paradise EFC even before the fire, and who are still rebuilding their home. Roger is a strong Christian and he hopes his home will serve as a community hub once it’s finished. It could serve as a location to host Bible studies or small groups. He is building relationships with all his neighbors even while he is busy with the house.

Sam is working at Roger’s, hired to help with the rebuilding. He is raising his grandsons, and even though he isn’t attending a church, Sam will let people pray with him, especially when it’s for his family. Our teams will often bring along a lunch for Sam when they are working at Roger’s, and we pray that God will use these interactions to draw Sam to Himself.

People praying together

Lou is one of Roger’s neighbors, and he was pretty skeptical of our volunteers helping him in the beginning. We have been working on small projects at his home, slowly building trust as we develop a relationship with Lou and his wife, Laurre. They came to the Thanksgiving celebration at Paradise EFC last year, and have also come to church on a Sunday. Please join our staff in praying that God will continue to soften their hearts and lead them to the hope of the Gospel.

Lori lost her home in the Camp Fire, and is still living out of town as her son and our teams make progress on rebuilding. She has come to a community dinner, and shared how much she appreciates the help, but she recently told a volunteer that she doesn’t really believe in God. Our staff is grateful for the opportunity to build a relationship with Lori and her son, Landon, and they have already noticed their increased receptivity to prayer and the Gospel. Please keep praying God to open their eyes and hearts to the truth.

Why do we share these four stories? Because Paradise, California is filled with real people just like these, who need real help from volunteers and real hope from the Gospel. Paradise EFC and our staff are prepared for a long-term response, but short-term teams help us build relationships and earn trust in communities. Please join us in praying for these families, and consider bringing a team to serve in Paradise.

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