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Rebuilding Homes and Rebuilding Lives

How God started two Bible studies in a Florida community in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

If you looked through John’s open kitchen door in Spring Creek Village (Bonita Springs, Florida) on Wednesday mornings, you'd likely find a group of seven men studying the book of John together. For many of them, it’s their first time studying the Bible at all.

More than a year ago, after Hurricane Ian struck John's home, he was frustrated and discouraged. When our ReachGlobal Crisis Response team told him that God loves him, he said, “Nope. Not a chance. Not me.” But during the months of rebuilding, countless volunteers and staff prayed for John and built a close relationship with him, and eventually, John felt God reach out. 

Around Easter 2023, John prayed to receive Christ, got baptized, and became eager to learn more about the Word and his Savior. Today, a completely changed man now hosts a men’s Bible study in his living room, all by the grace of God working in his life. 

How we got here

At the beginning of the Hurricane Ian Response, our staff in Florida started a women’s Bible study in Spring Creek Village. What started out as a group of six or seven grew to more than 25 women. For many, it was their first time studying the Bible. Many of these women shared what they were learning with their husbands, which prompted the men to also think more about their faith. 

With John’s eagerness to learn and be discipled—coupled with theological questions from other men in the community—the need to start a men’s study in the community became apparent. Two months ago, it became a reality. With several local church members also attending the stud, connections to local church bodies are now being established within the community.

Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives

Every minute of work, every floorboard laid, every nail hammered into John’s walls not only rebuilt his home, it rebuilt his life through the power of simply sharing the love of Christ. Beneath the paint, the drywall is covered in verses and prayers over John’s home and his life. Now those walls are home to a group of men opening their Bibles, praying together and learning more about the Lord every Wednesday morning.

Out of all this, an Easter evening service will be held in the community center at Spring Creek Village! A local pastor from Compass Church Naples (EFCA) will bring the message of the resurrection of Christ. The worship pastor and our staff member, Eloise, will bring worship and praise to our God. The community is excited about this Easter Service, and we pray that many who we haven’t met yet will join in!

Join us

Would you please join us in praying for the Bible studies in Spring Creek Village? 

  • That God would continue to work in the hearts of everyone attending (the men meet on Wednesday morning, and the women meet in the afternoon). 
  • That the Easter Sunday evening service brings in many to hear the good news of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.
  • That we would have the opportunities to start new Bible studies in some of the other communities we have been working in.

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