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Relief from Starvation

A Famine Opens Doors in Uganda

Early in the year, ReachGlobal Africa and the Evangelical Free Church of South Sudan (EFCSS) sent medicine to a Jie community in Northeast Uganda to help deal with a local scabies outbreak among the children. Many of the Jie found relief for skin disorders and the EFCSS gained a lot of respect through this access ministry. In fact, a church plant was started from this effort, and several Jie families began attending. Now this same region is suffering from a famine, caused by a combination of drought, previous floods, locust swarms, and other issues.

Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35

ReachGlobal is partnering with Moses, a leader in the Evangelical Free Church of Sudan, to bring much needed relief by way of a simple corn flour distributed to the hungry in Kotido, Kuran, and other remote villages in northern Uganda. Each family receives approximately 20 lbs. of flour to make porridge for five days. This allows 40 to 50 families to eat for a week, with distributions focusing on those most in need and children. And it allows Moses to continue to invest in a church planting network of very new pastors, offering them both help and hope as they seek to share the Gospel in these communities.

Local government officials are denying the crisis, but they are also allowing Moses and his team to distribute aid to the most desperate. Please pray for these men as the challenges they are navigating are potentially very dangerous. Just as Jesus welcomed the hungry and poor, Moses’ and his team are following the Lord’s lead and offering what they have to see the name of Jesus glorified. Pray with us: for the famine to end, for the Gospel to be heard, for the Kingdom of God to grow.

Food distribution in the village of Kuran, in northern Uganda.

Through our Partner Fund, ReachGlobal Crisis Response could send emergency resources to respond to the famine in Uganda. Due to the generosity of many, the money was readily available for immediate use, however additional funds are needed as this famine and other crises around the world arise. Could your church respond with us? Please consider a monthly, annual or special gift to ReachGlobal Crisis Partner Fund.

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