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The Ukrainian Diaspora

They come from across Ukraine, but mostly from the north and the east. Mostly women and children. Their families torn apart, their old lives left behind, their future uncertain. Afraid of what is ahead and mourning what has been left behind, this is the diaspora of Ukraine.

They are young and old, athletes and students, mothers, fathers, and grandparents all fleeing from evil and wickedness that has drastically changed their lives. Over 5 million have now fled Ukraine and another 7+ million have been forced to flee to other parts of Ukraine. In total, over 1/4 of the Ukrainian population has fled their homes.

We meet them at train stations and boarder crossings and help them get to their next location. The ones who stay at the church with us typically don’t know their next destination. So they stay a night or two, or perhaps three days. Some stay a bit longer. Then most move to another place in Poland while others go to countries across Europe and the world. Almost all still have family and friends in Ukraine who are still in danger.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response, in partnership with ReachGlobal missionaries, city teams, partner churches and parachurch ministries, is working to support the refugees and the communities that are taking them in. Some churches are offering shelter, others meals, and some are collecting and distributing clothes. There are opportunities for ESL ministry, bible studies, and prayer walking in neighborhoods. Our trauma care resources are being translated into 10 languages so that we can equip churches and ministries as they help refugees process what they've experienced. We are praying for guidance as we strive to meet spiritual and emotional needs as well as the obvious physical needs, and for God to open the hearts of the people to hear the hope of the Gospel. The need is vast, the opportunities are plentiful, the harvest field is ready.

How you can help:

Pray - The stories we hear from the refugees are tragic and unbelievable. Pastors, missionaries, church leaders and our ministry team leadership need wisdom on how to respond. We need prayers for safety and to effectively serve refugee families and the community while staying spiritually and physically healthy. Pray for the churches and ministry partners and church members to catch a vision on how they can minister to refugee needs and the needs of their local communities.

Give - We are amazed and humbled by how the EFCA has responded to this crisis so far. You have donated more than a million dollars to start responding right away. ReachGlobal Crisis Response is seeking to raise $3,000,000+ to help support the Ukrainian refugees and the European communities long-term, because we already know this will be a years-long response. We are also helping the ReachGlobal: Europe Division's efforts to serve these people across Europe. God is moving across Europe. Join us in answering the call.

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