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"They Don't Only Need Food"

Holistic Ministry in Pakistan

The Flooding

This past summer saw record breaking flooding across Pakistan - at one point a third of the country was underwater. Houses, businesses, whole communities were lost in the rising water, and months later there are still thousands displaced and living on the side of the roads in tents. Our partners recognized that the flooding created an open door for ministry, a chance to reach Muslims and Hindus with the hope of the gospel while also meeting their physical needs. "They don't only need food, they need counselling sessions. They have no hope and they feel God has left them and they are going to die."

A Plan for Transformation

The team there developed a one-year plan to use relief work to build relationships, share the gospel, and plant transformational churches across Pakistan. As much as their hearts are moved by the physical needs, they know this is an opportunity for the Church to extend it's message of hope and healing. They are approaching this flood response as ambassadors of Christ, not as humanitarians.

They are already seeing God open doors in the Sindh region, where the Indus River caused massive devastation. Families there are struggling to get enough food and clean water to survive, so our partners are providing food as they can. Their first food distribution reached 270 families, and they also were handing out bibles in local languages. The pastor said, "In one hand we give relief and in the other hand we give the Bible. This is our heart."

Electronic bibles help reach families who are unable to read.

Because of the range of languages spoken in different regions, they have been diligent about finding local partners who can speak directly with the families in their heart language. These locals have been incredibly helpful in sharing bible stories, praying with families and communicating the needs. Our partners have a focus on caring for the Christian families who are overlooked by other distributions in the primarily Muslim country, but they also have a heart to reach new people groups with the love and hope of Christ.

Recently they heard that schooling has become a problem for many families. The local schools were wiped out by flooding, and local children have no alternative but to attend madrasas, Islamic schools, that have been set up. In order to provide Christian teaching for families who don't want their children in madrasas, our partners have been setting up Sunday schools. The tents they use for teaching double as a church on Sunday mornings, and they have been using other spaces for bible studies and prayer times.

How You Can Help

Our partners have a clear plan, and they are already mobilizing believers for both the relief distributions and the church planting. But they need help.

Can you pray for the churches in Pakistan who are reaching out with help and hope to Muslim, Hindu, and Christian families all across the country? Pray that God would open hearts to receive the message of the gospel, that He would open doors into new communities, that the local workers would experience favor with local governments as they bring relief. Will you join us in praying for the schools and churches that are being planted? Your prayers have power and they are a great encouragement to our brothers and sisters serving in Pakistan.

You can also get involved in this response by giving to support the ongoing outreach. Our partners are doing everything they can to minimize costs and maximize the effect of the supplies they have. But bibles cost money, and so does food and clean water. Your gifts could help save lives and share the gospel.

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