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From Porch to Pastor

How an EFCA ministry in New Orleans raised a disciple to lead.

  • EFCA Communications

January 24, 2023

He Will Keep You

An excerpt from "The God Who Is With Us: A 25-Day Advent Devotional."

  • Ronnie Martin

December 20, 2022

Building a Bible Academy

How one local church leaned into training more disciplemakers.

  • EFCA Communications

December 08, 2022

Reaching Arabs in Milwaukee

Through intentional relationships, an Arabic pastor waters his church.

  • EFCA Communications

December 02, 2022

Swimming in the Stuff of America

Compared to the world, I’m wealthy. Compared to my neighbors, I’m not. So what does it mean to steward what God has given me?

  • Amy Medina

November 30, 2022

Becoming a Contagious Follower

A review of The Call to Follow: Hearing Jesus in a Culture Obsessed with Leadership by Richard Langer and Joanne J. Jung

  • Mark Norman

November 23, 2022

Little By Little, Your Boundaries Should Improve

Pastors need to have healthy boundaries—with work, with congregants and with themselves. God shows us His faithfulness through small steps in the right direction.

  • Benjamin Vrbicek

November 09, 2022

Poco a Poco, Tus Límites Deberían Mejorar

Los pastores deben tener límites saludables: con el trabajo, con los congregantes y consigo mismos. Dios nos muestra Su fidelidad a través de pequeños pasos en la dirección correcta.

  • Benjamin Vrbicek

November 09, 2022

Von Qualen in Canton

This year, we celebrate 135 years of global EFCA missionaries.

  • Tom Cairns

November 03, 2022

Friday Is a Good Day to Die

I’m not Anglican. But a centuries-old practice from The Book of Common Prayer changed the way I think about the weekend.

  • Joey Woestman

October 18, 2022