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Opportunity in the Middle of Crisis

Join us in our efforts to respond to crises across the globe

In a number of ways, 2020 has been characterized by uncertainty, unrest and overwhelmedness. For ReachGlobal Crisis Response, on top of the global pandemic, each new month has seemed to bring a new global crisis. On the same day in May (May 20), natural disasters struck both central Michigan (flooding) and India (Cyclone Amphan). In August, a massive explosion tore through Beirut, Lebanon. Even more recently, Hurricanes Laura and Sally have threatened livelihoods along the Gulf Coast as wildfires rage in the West. On top of that, we are still right in the heart of one of the most active hurricane seasons ever.

In the midst of chaotic, painful seasons like this, there's a natural temptation to ask: Where are you, God?

Through ReachGlobal Crisis Response, we believe that every crisis creates a new mission field to bring the hope, joy and peace of the gospel. In the process of meeting physical, mental and emotional needs, there's an incredible opportunity for outreach and for God to transform lives. Although COVID-19 has changed our ministry model and approach, we have not stopped proclaiming the hope of the gospel to people impacted by crises.

Hurricane Laura
Aftermath of Hurricane Laura in Louisiana.

That being said, in order for this to continue, we need your help. Here are some ways you and your church can partner with Crisis Response in this overwhelming season.

  • Send a small team to serve: We currently have several sites still accepting small teams. Our sites are taking precautions to protect against COVID-19, and we are partnering with churches in Louisiana, Texas and North Carolina to reach out into their communities with help and hope. Visit the Crisis Response webpage or email respond@efca.org for more info.
  • Trauma care training for your church: We can tailor this training to a specific crisis impacting your community, like COVID-19, or we can offer a more general training. This training gives your church members tools to be able to come alongside people who are struggling to process a crisis, and to meet some of the emotional needs after a crisis.
  • Crisis preparation training for your church: This year, more than ever, we have seen that crises can affect anyone. Contact crisisresponse@efca.org to set up a time to talk through how your church can prepare for and respond to a crisis in your own community--today or in the future.
  • Give to Crisis Response: In a new crisis, it takes time to set up and start receiving donations. By giving to ReachGlobal Crisis Response now, you help us prepare to launch into assessing and responding immediately once a crisis strikes.

​Thank you for your ongoing financial and prayerful support of the ministry of ReachGlobal Crisis Response. To learn more, email crisisresponse@efca.org.

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