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Partners with the President with Kevin Kompelien

Every month, EFCA President Kevin Kompelien highlights stories, vision and leadership from around the EFCA in his monthly e-newsletter, "Partners with the President." This month, Kevin reflected on 2019 and the topics he focused on throughout the year, and he looked forward to 2020 and his vision for "one EFCA."

As I reflect on 2019, one of the key events I remember is the time we, as a movement, shared together at EFCA One in June. Throughout the conference, I had several people tell me the same thing: “This is so good to be together with our family.”

After unpacking the Missional Diagram, we’re now left with the question: “How will this actually happen?”

Hundreds of missionaries, pastors, church leaders and congregants—young and old, retired and active, local and regional, national and international—came together to worship, connect and study God’s Word. During the time we shared, one could sense the breadth of who we are as the EFCA.

What was uniquely beautiful about the conference, too, was how well it tied together all that we’ve been talking about in 2019. The theme of EFCA One was “multiplying disciplemakers”—one of the three main areas of the EFCA Missional Diagram on which we've focused:

After unpacking the main elements of the Missional Diagram with you, we’re now left with the question: “How will this actually happen—in churches, throughout our districts, across the country and around the world?” As you’ll see in the video below, this is where we’ll turn our focus in 2020.

Like we saw at EFCA One 2019, this is only going to happen if we do it together. If we want to live out the elements of the Missional Diagram, we need to reflect the idea of one EFCA—local, regional, national and international ministries working together toward common ministry objectives with shared values and trusting relationships. I look forward to exploring the concept of one EFCA further with you in 2020.

From all of us at the EFCA national office, have a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

What an absolute joy and privilege to work in partnership with you—pastors, missionaries, leaders and congregants so committed to following, proclaiming and, ultimately, glorifying the One whose birth we celebrate.

May God be with you this season. From all of us at the EFCA national office, have a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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Kevin Kompelien

President, EFCA

Kevin Kompelien is president of the Evangelical Free Church of America, serving in this role since June 2015. He previously served more than 20 years as a local pastor in the EFCA and then nine years as international leader of the Africa division with EFCA ReachGlobal. He and his wife, Becky, are members of Hillside EFC in San Jose, California.

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