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The Prophetic Pathway to Christ

A Review of The Prophets and Apostolic Witness: Reading Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel as Christian Scripture.

  • James Walden

  • Dale Harris

January 23, 2024

A Balm and a Bolster

I began praying through the Psalms. It invigorated my prayer life and reoriented my heart.

  • Jennifer M. Kvamme

October 24, 2023

He Will Keep You

An excerpt from "The God Who Is With Us: A 25-Day Advent Devotional."

  • Ronnie Martin

December 20, 2022

Friday Is a Good Day to Die

I’m not Anglican. But a centuries-old practice from The Book of Common Prayer changed the way I think about the weekend.

  • Joey Woestman

October 18, 2022

Bringing Revelation Into Focus

A review of Blessed: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation by Nancy Guthrie

  • Tiffany Schrader

  • Tim Etherington

September 29, 2022